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About Us

Joel P. Retherford


Joel P. Retherford started his career in the residential construction business at the age of 12. As a youngster, Joel P. learned the ropes by working for the family business on weekends and during breaks from school. After graduating from Muscle Shoals High School in 1994, he enrolled in the Auburn University School of Building Science. Upon graduating from Auburn in 1999, Joel P. worked for several different commercial and residential construction companies throughout Florida, Georgia & Alabama, gaining valuable experience in the industry. In 2006, Joel P. returned to Northwest Alabama to pursue his true passion, founding Retherford Custom Homes. Combining field construction knowledge with management and business expertise, Joel P. continues the family legacy and commitment to building homes to the highest standards.

Joel C. Retherford

Field Construction Manager

Joel C. Retherford started in the construction industry as a child, helping his father and Retherford Builders’ founder, Crawford Retherford. During this time, he learned the ins and outs of residential construction. As a young adult, Joel C. worked as a diesel mechanic, repairing dump trucks as well as other large vehicles. Later on, he joined the National Guard and was stationed at various bases throughout the Southeastern United States. After leaving the military, Joel C. became a welder and worked on various construction projects including Bellefonte Nuclear Facility and other TVA projects. Finally, he returned to the Shoals area to work maintenance at Reynolds Aluminum, working there for 25 years. When Reynolds sold their northwest Alabama facility to Wise, Joel C. took an early retirement option and re-entered the residential construction industry as a crew leader for Retherford Construction. Eventually, Joel C. left Retherford Construction and formed his own business, constructing many homes throughout the Shoals area.

Joel C.’s diverse experience in the construction industry lends a unique asset to Retherford Custom Homes. His expertise allows us to easily solve problems that would leave most builders befuddled and confused. Joel C. Retherford is one of the reasons that Retherford Custom Homes stands out among the crowd.

Meet the Team

Crawford Retherford and Joel Retherford 3rd Generation Home Builders

Meet the Founder

Crawford "Preacher" Retherford

Retherford Custom Homes was founded by Crawford Retherford in the early 1950s. Crawford Retherford’s commitment to quality construction earned him a reputation as one of the top custom home builders in Northwest Alabama. Crawford believed in the dignity that comes from home ownership. He also understood that a person's home is their greatest financial and personal investment.

For that reason, he took great steps to construct every home to the highest standards and to treat his customers with fairness and respect. This commitment to quality and fair-dealing guides Retherford Custom Homes to this very day.